Flight Diary ~ Asiana Airlines

February 21st, 2012 by

Hi guys! Popping in to say hi. While I was up in the air I kept a short journal about my flight. I flew with Asiana Airlines and it was a trip…ha! a trip, get it? Anyways. This was by far the best flight I’ve ever been on and it will take some serious service to beat it. This was a very long flight and I didn’t sleep for 3/4 of it because there was so much excitement. Anywho, this was my Asiana experience.. I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some of the phone photos I’ve been snapping. Not having stable wifi here has resulted in a ton of photos I have yet to share to the world via instagram so be sure to check in!

Aside from the slight condensation that dripped on me during take off, Asiana Air has been.. well really fun. The stewardesses have already made an outfit change from a very put together taupe 2 pc dress suit to a red, flower-ey serving apron. They’ve brought me a pair of headphones, a pair of slippers, a hot towel to wash my hands with and I just found out I get a first and second meal. Western, Korean and Greek are all on the menu.

Waiting to see what’s coming my way next because I just saw a cart roll by me.

Ok that was a beverage cart. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that it had FREE wine on it! “Um yes, I think I’ll have the white wine, thank you.” I’m considering busting out the few Korean words I know here on this plane today.

I ventured to the bathroom not expecting much, but once again, I’m delighted to find free lotions, mouthwash, a toothbrush and toothpaste and there was also a comb for men.

I’ve been watching this little Oriental girl who’s been entertaining the seat behind her thus far. I’m in the very back so I see Everything. She just took a sip of her drink, I’m guessing sprite, swooshed it through her teeth and then spit it all back in her cup, bubbles and all. Laughed real hard and did it three more times. I think her mom must be sleeping.

Oh, did I mention that I have 15 channels to watch up here in the air. No charge. This flight is a dream.. or maybe I just don’t get out enough. Either way.

So I just finished eating the first meal. I ordered Bi Bim Bop. It came with all these tasty veggies, kimchi, soup, some kind of noodle I’ve never seen before, rice, fruit and yet another glass of wine. This is the life up here I tell you. I found out after I had finished my meal that I was supposed to combine the rice with the veggies along with sesame oil and pepper paste they gave me, but it was too late. I had already poured the sauce over the veggies and the pepper paste in my noodles and had eaten them. Next time.

One of the stewardesses just brought me some paper work for customs. So far, they have all spoke to me in Korean. Darn that baggage claim that made me go and forget all about my notebook that had the translation for “I only speak a little Korean” and put it in my checked bag.

Being in the very back of the plane, our area is quite the popular place. This flight so far has been non-stop action between people stretching their legs and these super human stewardesses. They’re all really beautiful with shiny and tight faces. Just about every young American on this plane is headed to teach English just like me. It’s cool, but I haven’t felt compelled to talk to any of them yet. Just hasn’t felt right.

Now is the time where I try to take a nap and put down my Ellen Degeneres book for now. Until later…

Ok so it’s 10ish (am) Korea time (7:00ishpm yesterday Missouri time) Thought it’d be a good time to wake up. I just got a ham and cheese sandwich handed to me. That was not on the menu. Just a ham and cheese sandwich surprise. I’m also more than ¾ of the way done with my Ellen book.

I just saw the most amazing sight of the Cherskogo Mountains. The photos don’t even do it justice.



Temperature- (neg)63 F

Ground Speed-555

Just ate my second meal. I asked for Chicken but somehow got the fish instead. I’m actually glad though, it’s the healthier choice anyways and that’s one of my goals while I’m here. To get healthy. I even drank some pineapple juice. I just feel bad for the people who made the fish choice and got the chicken. Because that’s what happened, everyone’s got switched. Oops.

We have officially hit the less than two-hour mark until we land and I just got really excited. Up until now it has been nothing but making sure I’m in the right place with the right papers at the right time.

Checking that last bag was almost a relief. Before I literally had to back out of the isle because it was so big and I couldn’t control it. Not to mention I had to move stuff from my personal bag over so now that’s lighter. Weight has been lifted off of me, literally. All I have to do is pack up my tiny, lighter bag and trot my way on in search of a cart.

ANNND that was my flight ya’ll.  I mean, right? Doesn’t it sound amazing. Anywho, I’m on my lunch break and it’s 1:22 here but 10:21pm yesterday in the states, sooo for my friends back home. Good night loves! I’m off to more teaching classes and guess what, tonight is my first Korean lesson!

Love, Missy

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