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January 28th, 2012 by

Hello! Today I’m going to be showing you a simple way to make custom prints and designs on just about.. anything. I’m using blank stencil paper to create my own and in light of the upcoming Valentine’s day, I’m going to show you how I made my own V-Day cards.

For this project…

1.Blank cards 2.Stencil Paper 3. Exacto Knife 4. Paint

You’ll want to go ahead and set up the dimensions on the software of your choice (I used Illustrator) so you can be sure that the scale of your design is going to look the way you want it to. My card was 4×5.5.

Here’s the awesome part. This can be anything you want! Don’t forget, paper has two sides! To try find and use some already printed on paper. This particular piece was one of the filler pages that came from a photo frame. :)

**Tip: use “fatter” letters and images when deciding on your design. They will be easier to cut out!

And there you go. These stencils are great because they’re completely custom, I don’t have to pay to print them and I can use them as many times as I need.

They would be great for:

Handmade biz cards

Business post cards

Thank you notes

Clothing prints (if you chose fabric paint)

and anything else you can dream of!

For these cards, I liked the “splochy-ness” of the paint, but if I were needing something a little more professional I would choose a different brush for a cleaner look.

Have fun making your own stuff!

love, Missy

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