Cardboard Art

January 25th, 2012 by

I always find the coolest things surrounding the packages we receive. Like this fine piece of cardboard here that came in the bottom of a fruit basket gifted to us for Christmas (thanks Julie!). I painted it white with some regular ol’ wall paint and then handed it over to the best artist I know, Christiano. I love it! And it’s so perfectly ready to mount on the wall with it’s unique backside.

This painting cost us… nothing. I already had both the paints used (wall paint and india ink) and the cardboard was, of course, free. Even if you don’t have paint, it would be fun to cover with paper or fabric and go to town! I love having new art in the house, especially when it’s upcycled!

The circle cardboard pieces, that frozen pizzas come on, are also great for painting canvases!

Have a lovely day!

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