Impromptu Painting

October 18th, 2011 by

It happened again. I had another desperate, sudden urge to paint. Doesn’t happen very often.. nor am I by any means a painter…. but sometimes I just gotta paint something. Usually I always ask Christiano to join in (and by join in I mean help me) and he always, very kindly, agrees.

On this night I was really feeling India Ink. I used this stuff a few years ago in a fashion sketching class. I really fell in love with it’s ability to be very clean and smooth and also the richness of the black.

ahh… fond memories

Ladies and gents… I present to you our newest home art painted by Christiano and yours truly.

Ok, can you tell which one’s I did?

Christiano did the wolf and the woman… and sketched the trash can. I wanted a trash can and a light bulb and while I did the bulb all on my own, I was too anxious/nervous about not getting the trash can to look right. He sketched it (what a sweetie) and I painted it.. because you know, I love the ink.

We used Bristol board to paint on, by the way.

I really like these spur of the moment paintings we do together. They’re inexpensive, fun and totally what we fancy. They’re easy to switch out and we can always make a new batch if we get tired of them. I just make sure to keep the art supplies easily accessible, if not out, so that when the time hits and I gotta paint it’s really easy for me to bust something out. You know?

Just thought I’d share a bit of our home art.Β  :) They make me really happy.

Hope your Monday was splendid.

Sweet dreams,


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