It’s starting to come together…

September 8th, 2011 by

I think one day I might take a job in fashion show planning. I really like this stuff.

Yesterday, I received our passes for models, photographers and backstage help.

And this morning I drove to Rolla to pick up shoes! It was fun… and maybe a little stressful. Thank you Chic Chick!

These items are road trip necessities. I didn’t even get to read my magazines, but at least I had them by my side. :)

My days are filled with fittings and trying to catch up with time. I can’t believe the show is in two days.

Oh and Christiano’s brother, Robbie, mixed our music for us and I could not be happier. I’ve listened to it probably 12 times now since I got it last night.. and it’s 30 minutes long! I can envision the show better with the music now.

I must get back to work, but I wanted to drop in a say a quick hello before the show. I probably won’t be blogging much until after because I’m going to be running around like a crazy woman trimming threads, fitting models, sewing, and carrying many bags. You are invited so please come if you can! And don’t forget to stop by place a bid during the silent auction. We’ll have a table and garment rack where you can check out the garments up close in the souvenir tent. All the proceeds are going to Japan and I know you were just thinking you need some new clothes for fall. ;)

Ok see you soon!


Like my sweater? It was chilly out this morning eekk! Fall is on it’s way :)

2 Responses to It’s starting to come together…

  1. Missy, Ioved the show…I hadn’t seen any of the clothes this time and I was amazed at how well the clothes meshed together. I can usually spot Maggie’s work in a minute and I had a hard time telling who made what. I loved the clothes….so Zen and comfortable yet put together. I heard a lot of positive comments and think you guys should look for a place to sell them…?????? I had to laugh about your road trip and the magazines….I ALWAYS have magazines with me….and I know people(Maggie included) think I am weird..but I have a low tolerance for boredom and like to read while waiting……Anyway…keep up the good work and Love your new blog!

    • Missy says:

      I’m so glad you liked it! I think Maggie and I did a good job of working off/with each other, thank you for saying that. And yes, boredom is not tolerated around here. : )

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