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September 15th, 2011 by

Hi There!

Well I feel like I’ve slightly got my life back to normal since the show. I cleaned and returned a car load of shoes to Chic Chick, knocked out all the laundry (and put away), cleaned the house and studio (omgosh it was a disaster), and sifted through nearly 2,000 photos. It was a big job, but I can’t say looking through our photos doesn’t make me super ecstatic.

I got a chance to go out these past few days. You know, do normal things like go to Karaoke and what not… oh and I got to sleep in!

The show was so ridiculous, so fun and so worth it. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much work goes into a show of just 25 minutes. But then I think about how cool it felt when I started seeing our models hair and makeup complete, and seeing them dressed all together… it was magical.

Our day went kinda like this…

Meet at The System for hair and make up appointments… shifts at 9:45, 10:30 and 11:15. But once things started rolling, there was no schedule at all. It was crazy! At one point I had all 16 models in chairs! Ha it was so fun seeing the stylists get to work. They did an amazing job.

We walked in there with a few photos from Pinterest, a fast description of what we were wanting and had them run with it. I really liked seeing how different people interpreted our photos. I saw some new techniques.

and fell in love with make up all over again. They were so talented. I tried doing a few of our models make up the day before and I didn’t really know where to start. I know how I like mine, but I don’t know how to work with other peoples face shape and skin tones. I guess that’s how some people feel about sewing. You just don’t even know where to start…

Christiano’s mom gifted us a limo for the days events. Isn’t that crazy?! It was crazy helpful. Between driving three different places with 18-23 people at a time and finding parking, the limo was a life-saver! I was kinda fun too! I mean yea, it was a limo!

We got back to the Hog Barn (ha! It was our changing barn! Back when the prison used to own that land it’s where they kept the hogs.. now it’s fully equipped with a/c and bathrooms. It was perfect for us! Can’t believe we were so lucky to have such a great space…. with such a great name!) and life got a little crazy.

Getting everyone dressed was a little intense, for me at least. Everything I forgot to bring suddenly comes to a forefront. A pair of hot pants and a pair of shoes.

Naturally, by this point we were running a little late.

We were leaving the front of the park for the back of the park at the exact minute we were to be going on stage. We still had to get there, line up, get the music to the sound man and take a look at the runway! Ha omgosh, none of my models had even seen the runway.. nor had I. Talk about on the spot!

We had a quick change area right behind the stage. I went and took a look at their path and ran back to explain how the walk would go.

I probably made no sense in my explanation. I was going 1,000 miles a minute. I think all my models were confused. Ha! This photo kills me!

Maggie and I were so fortunate to have amazing help during this whole experience, not to mention great models who are willing and confident enough to one, donate their time, and two, walk out on a “runway” that’s round, has steps and grass! That’s all I remember saying. “Round. Steps. Grass!”

During the show, we had some crazy hiccups happen but we recovered gracefully, I think.. You know, things always go wrong or not as planned in fashion shows, or any production I would guess. The people backstage feel the stress, but no one in the audience ever will. It’s kind of a frantic… scary…. but pretty fun.. heart racing kind of jig.

After the show, we all got in on some photo action while our photographer and friend, Huston, snapped away…

This has been such an amazing experience, from collaborating with Maggie, working with Springfield Sister Cities, and showing an independent collection. It has been challenging, interesting, and a completely new education. I can’t believe how much fun I had. This was a ton of work, but it was work I wanted to do. I was excited to sit down and focus on this collection. I couldn’t wait till I finished all my tasks for the day and was able to sit and really embed myself in this work. I am so happy we did this and I can’t believe it, but I think I’m really going to miss it. Like I said, I really like pressure. There were definitely moments where I doubted my ability. Fortunately, I had amazing support around me reminding me I definitely can.

We had an amazing team that helped all of this happen. Everyone was so kind and willing to jump in. I could not be happier. And for the record… I have the best models ever…

Our silent auction is over tomorrow at 8:00pm. Please go bid if you were thinking about it. You can bid on as many items as you’d like and at the price you choose. Does shopping get any better, seriously? These garments are made with love and intended to raise money for Japan. We can use all the help we can get.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Missy

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